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14th September 2020

IFS Grants Enable Research at Home

Nighisty Ghezae, DirectorNighisty Ghezae, IFS Director

A recent SciDevNet article entitled "Foreign funding ‘controlling’ African research" struck a chord with us at IFS, given our nearly half-century of supporting early career scientists in their own countries to do locally relevant research based in their home institutions.

IFS grantees are contributing significantly to changes around the world, through their commitment to scientific advancements, their enthusiasm to learn and to work with others, and their attainment in getting their research results put into use at local, national, regional and global levels. As gleaned from 153 grantee responses to a recent survey question about how their results are being used, numerous impacts were evident from IFS’s support for their research, in immediate, near-term and long-lasting ways, in villages, forests, fields, policy discussions, government practices and the global scientific community.

From the micro-level of genotyping, to the ultimate macro-level of satellite remote sensing, IFS grantees are making an impact in tiny and vast environments alike. They are local professionals whom IFS is honored to include among those who work to support its mission, especially to enhance opportunities to put their own high-quality local research into use in their home countries. Many of our more than 8,000 alumni now themselves play significant roles in science, for example, as researchers, teachers, government officials at all levels, directors of science academies in a number of countries and regionally, and even a head of government. IFS grantees will be at the forefront of the changes envisioned by the producers of this Africa Science Focus episode.

Read the SciDevNet article here.

With thanks 

Nighisty Ghezae


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Two of our many grantees

Dr Jenny Ruales

Dr Jenny Ruales

No. of IFS Grants: 3 (1989; 1992; 1999)

Current position:
Researcher, Department of Food Science, Instituto de Investigacion Tecnologica, Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador

IFS Jubilee Award 1999

Dr Lateef Sanni

Dr Lateef Sanni

No. of IFS Grants: 2 (2000; 1996)

Current position:
Researcher, Dept of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

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