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IFS Programme

The Overall Objective of the IFS Programme is to enhance capacity of early career scientists in LLMICs to conduct relevant research, influence research agendas at local, regional and global levels and increase science literacy.

The Specific Objectives are (i) generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge by early career LLMIC scientists, and (ii) enhanced capacity of early career LLMIC scientists to influence, lead, network, fund-raise and put research into use.

IFS provides tailored research capacity-enhancing support to promising early career scientists based around the provision of individual Basic Grants and Advanced Grants (one per successful applicant).

Basic Research Grant

This is similar to the former IFS granting programme, although with some revisions to criteria for eligibility.

Individual early career researchers in both the natural and social sciences may apply for a Basic Grant to undertake research that is innovative and/or relevant to local or national development needs and problems, and that aims to generate fundamental and/or applicable scientific knowledge.

A time-bound call for proposals with closing dates will be announced here on this website. Be sure not to miss the submission deadlines!

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The eligibility criteria (both individual eligibility and country eligibility) for the programme will be somewhat different from the previous criteria. The new criteria will be described in the side boxes on the pages describing the programme.

Capability Enhancing Support

From time-to-time IFS offers workshops and other supporting services to applicants and to grantees, which are collectively referred to as Capability Enhancing Support (CES). This support can include travel and publication grants, a purchasing service and a range of different types of CES workshops. Some of the workshops are relevant to individual or collaborative research approaches or to both. For more information see the link below.
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Financing the Grants

The IFS Programme is financed by our donors and some grants are co-funded by collaborating organisations.
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